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10 Things Sports Should NOT Bring Into 2012

Sports in 2011 has been  a wild ride! There’s been enough highs, lows, drama and scandal to last a lifetime. As we close out 2011 there’s some things we think need to stay here and not be brought into 2012.

1. LeBron’s “Decision”

GET OVER IT!  He left Cleveland and decided to go to Miami and we’re all sick and tired of the critics and analysts still whining and revisiting his decision. Talking about how he made the decision, when he made his decision, and asking him if he would do it differently is just sickening and old! If you’re still struggling with his “decision” get into some therapy. The rest of us have moved on.

2. Brett Favre

HE’S DONE! His career is over!  He’s not coming out of retirement and he won’t be playing for any team.  Brett Favre is happy throwing balls with the local little league boys in Mississippi. Let’s leave him there.

3. The word ‘Swag’ – This word, not just in sports, but for society in general needs to be left in 2011. Originally used in a rap song, this word has been applied to everything and everyone. It’s now overused and abused! People who don’t have swagger claim it and/or get it assigned  to them. PLEASE stop it!  Besides, the people who really have it, never talk about it.

4. Any-Sports-Wives Reality Show:

Unlike the “Housewives” series, the sports wives shows like Basketball Wives ( a damn disaster), Football Wives (which was thankfully cancelled) and Baseball Wives (which we’re praying will be cancelled) is just an embarrassment to the leagues they’re “married” to. First off, most of the women are not married to any athletes! They cast is typically comprised of the groupie chick who got pregnant or the ex-girlfriend or ex-wife of a player most of us have never heard of.  Even that wouldn’t be so bad if they actually did something worth talking about. Unfortunately they are nauseating dramatic narcissists whose only contribution each week is a sad dose of throwing drinks, fighting and a bunch of “he-said-she-said”. For all that, we’d rather the network bring back Beverly Hills 90210. Leave these poor excuses for women where you found them!

5.  The Twitter Lie

“My twitter account was hacked”, or “I left someone else use my twitter account” is a bunch of B.S! Athletes think before you tweet! Once it’s out there it’s gone and no one believes the twitter lies you tell. In fact, it’s downright laughable. We just give you the “side-eye” with a twisted mouth. If you tweet it, own it! Then move on!

6.  Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

IF you fell for the “okey-doke” (I didn’t) and got sucked into the publicity stunt they called a marriage, it’s over now. Move on! Kim likes athletes and she’ll be in and out of leagues and their players until she finally finds one she likes–or until Reggie Bush sinks to a new low and marries her. In the mean time, stop acting surprised and shocked and upset by her exploits. I don’t want to hear anymore about her “marriage” to Kris Humphries. She’s with somebody new this week and Kris needs to focus on putting points on the board.

7.  Uncontrollable Referees

Sports is one of the few areas where men feel totally comfortable letting their emotions run free. Refs kicking players out of games and/or penalizing athletes from expressing their emotion has gotten out of hand! When testosterone is flowing and the energy is electric, athletes are going to cuss, breathe hard, shout-out, yell and growl–all in the name of the game! Now, excessive force should be addressed, but penalizing players for expressing themselves is just wrong! The NBA refs really have this bad. Get over yourselves! It’s that fire that fuels the game!

8. Making Athletes Heroes

I don’t know what it is about sports, but an athlete who wins the championship, makes the winning shot or play, or comes from behind to win the game automatically get pushed into hero-he-can-do-no-wrong-status. We’re all guilty of it. We idolize, fantasize and downright worship them.

Then they fall from grace.

Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods are just some examples where hero-worship came back to bite us in the ass. They’re just athletes. Good athletes–but athletes nonetheless. Assigning anything more to them is just setting yourself up for disappointment. They’re good at playing a game. That doesn’t make them good husbands, fathers, boyfriends, friends, businessmen,  people or anything else for that matter. For some of them, that’s all they’re good at.

9.  Complaining About Sports

Sports isn’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon, especially in the United States. Ladies, if you don’t understand the game, you need to get connected to Jersey Girl Sports. We do sports the way WOMEN do it–on our terms, so stop nagging your husband or boyfriend for watching the game all day. Get in on it! It could be a win for you too!

10. Wearing Your Man’s Jersey

Ladies, ladies, ladies…there’s soooo many great ways you can rep your team and still look like a woman. Yes-you-can be sporty AND sexy! Victoria’s Secret and Touch by Alyssa Milano are just two companies with sports apparel for women. PLEASE step up your sportswear in 2012.

There’s more we could add to this list, but these are our top 10. We’re just OVER the things on this list. It’s time to let it go and move on.

We’re looking forward to 2012 and another amazing year in sports. We hope to see you there!

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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