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2 Broncos Players Sue the NFL Over Urine Samples

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Suspended Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams and defensive lineman Ryan McBean are suing the NFL over what they consider improper protocal in collecting their urine samples.

According to the NFL, Williams and McBean tested positive for illegal and banned substances. No surprise there.

But the story gets tricky.

The NFL fired the collector of those samples for dereliction of duty, but the hearing officer, Harold Henderson, who works in the commissioner’s office, ruled against the players.


If the NFL felt the collector was negligent in his duties, one would conclude that the product of those duties was also less than acceptable. William’s lawyer, Peter R. Ginsberg, said the league claims the urine samples the players provided for testing in August weren’t from a human. But Ginsberg said the specimen collector watched Williams void directly into the specimen bottle, so it would’ve been impossible for the specimen to be non-human.

What?! The specimens weren’t human?! Even more interesting is that the collector gets to watch them make their “deposit”. Jersey Girl Sports fam, were you aware of this? No one told me!!

I need to consider a new line of work! OK…I digress.

Ginsberg states the hearing officer, Harold Henderson, overstepped his bounds and was not impartial:

“The bottom line is that the NFL totally compromised the steroid policy, trampled on our clients’ rights, damaged their reputations, are threatening their livelihoods and we’ve asked for judicial intervention to ensure against that happening,” Ginsberg said. He also states that neither of the two tested positive.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the suit will not succeed and the punishments–suspension without pay for Denver’s first six games of the 2012 season will stand:

“The claims have no merit and we are confident that the discipline will be upheld and enforced as required by the policy,” he said Tuesday.

The bigger issue here is the testing for illegal substances including HGH which is still a point of contention between the NFL and the NFLPA.

In the meantime, I’ll be applying for the “Collector” position in the NFL.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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