In the wake of one of the biggest baseball Hall of Fame snubs, I was over joyed when I received a link to the trailer for the movie 42: The True Story of an American Legend, which is the biopic of baseball great, Jackie Robinson.

Written and directed by Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Confidential”), “42” tells the story of Jackie Robinson and his difficult journey to becoming the first African-American baseball player to reach the major leagues. Newcomer Chadwick Boseman stars as Robinson, and if the trailer is any indication, is a great choice. He’s got Robinson’s build and swagger, and is believable as a baseball player.

Veteran actor Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers executive who signed Robinson. Plus you’ll hear the sounds of rapper Jay-Z, whom Warner Bros. got to create the title track of the movie, Brooklyn Go Hard.

Check out the trailer…

It’s nothing like a great movie about a phenomenal athlete and just from the trailer this movie looks like it’s the real deal. But, no one needs this movie more than Major League Baseball. The movie is scheduled to be released right before baseball season, with the hopes that it will remind fans about the love that we still have for America’s Pastime. While the movie could bring up old feelings, many will also remember that those days of baseball are over.

“42” arrives in theaters on April 13, 2013 — just in time for baseball season.

Your Jersey Girl Friend,

Marcelle English