This is THE feel-good story of the week! Brian Banks, a high school football star who was falsely accused of rape by Wanetta Gibson, has finally realized his NFL dreams. The 27-year-old signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a linebacker and is ready to move on with his life after years of false imprisonment.

Banks was falsely accused of rape and kidnapping and spent more than five years in prison. With the help of private investigator Freddie Parish, the woman admitted she lied. She later recanted her story and helped him clear his name.


After being exonerated he was invited to tryout for several teams including the Seattle Seahawks, but he was not in NFL shape. However, he was able to sign with another team: the Las Vegas Locos, part of the   United Football League. In October, now at 275lbs, Banks was determined to be in the best shape to play the game he loved. 

It was his determination and resolve to get to the NFL that has him now a Falcon.

What happened in those dark days is all behind him now and his once dark past has given way to a bright future—with the Atlanta Falcons. Today he tweeted:

 Brian Banks @BrianBanksFREE

I feel good this morning 🙂 12:03 PM – 03 Apr 13

Brian Banks’ story is absolutely amazing. We applaud him and hope the best for him. We look forward to him bringing that determination to field.
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
~Angela Davis