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A Father’s Love: Deion Sanders Plea For Deiondra

A Father’s Love: Deion Sanders Makes A Plea For Deiondra


Deiondra Sanders, daughter of NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders allegedly had her laptop stolen and racy pictures leaked causing a media frenzy.

Deion tweeted this morning: “Please pray for my family especially my daughter. Computer was stolen and she had VERY ignorant pics on there from 3yrz ago that were released. She is saddened but it is what it is! To desire to be in the spotlight understand u get exposure that sometimes u don’t want. Pray for her please.”

How sad for Deion, who, in trying to bring “Truth” to the lives of  young people through his Truth Foundation has to contend with this type of foolishness. Even more sad is that this seems to echo the climate of today’s society when leaking nude and racy photos or video seems to propel you to instant fame and stardom. Isn’t that what happened with Kim Kardashian? I mean, really, what does she do? The whole notion of being famous for being infamous is something we’re all guilty of buying into.

Reality TV and the like have changed the social landscape. More and more young girls are being spotlighted for bad behavior or the leak of  what Deion Sanders called “VERY ignorant” pics or video. As a result, we’re seeing girls thirst for the spotlight and seek it out in very dangerous ways.

Now, we can only assume Deiondra was the victim of theft, but why would some one leak the pictures? The answer is obvious, so let’s change the question. Who benefits from leaking the pictures and WHY are we so obsessed with it?

Athletes are now more like mainstream celebrities and their children are automatically included in that title.I hope, for Deiondra that she makes it through this media craze. I hope even more for Deion, that he’s able to impart some “truth” to his daughter about pictures–and what her celebrity really means.

Deion Sanders, a very spiritual man also tweeted, “Once again please trust the Devil is busy trying to destroy lives,families,careers,finances,health,Faith n all u depending on. STAY STRONG!”

I agree Deion, and add, “What profits a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul…”

~Your JGF,


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    Pós awsome, Im agora um dos seguidores de seu feed

  2. vimax

    Pós awsome, Im agora um dos seguidores de seu feed


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