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A-Rod is suing MLB

A-Rod is suing MLB

After months of wrangling back and forth with the MLB, Alex Rodgriguez is suing the MLB claiming they’re bullying him to force him out of baseball. Actually the verbiage reads, “tortious interference”.

The MLB has issued a 211-game suspension against A-Rod for his alleged role in the Biogenesis performance enhancing drug scandal, and he’s been in arbitration all week with his attorney trying to gain some leverage or come to an agreement about the suspension.

Among the suit, which names MLB commissioner Bud Selig as a defendant, Rodriquez is alleging “dirty dealings” by the MLB including, according to USA Today Sports:

the MLB paid an investigator $150,000 in cash for stolen records related to Rodriguez. His lawyers also claim that MLB paid Tony Bosch, the former head of Biogenesis, $5 million “to buy his cooperation.”

A-Rod says he’s working to clear his name. This new, separate legal pursuit is a different conversation regarding his suspension, in which a ruling will be decided next month.

“The entire legal dynamic is very complex, and my legal team is doing what they need in order to vindicate me and pursue all of my rights,” Rodriguez said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports.


“This matter is entirely separate from the ongoing arbitration. I look forward to the arbitration proceedings continuing, and for the day to come when I can share my story with the public and my supporters.”

I’m not sure how many supporter A-Rod actually has, but he says the MLB, including Selig is using him as a scapegoat and an example to try and “save” baseball. The lawsuit claims:

 “and MLB persistently have employed powers not available to them under the collectively-bargained agreements between MLB and its union in order to make an example of Mr. Rodriguez, so as to gloss over Commissioner Selig’s past inaction and tacit approval of the use of performance-enhancing substances (“PES”) in baseball (not to mention his multiple acts of collusion), and in an attempt to secure his legacy as the “savior” of America’s pastime.”

That may be true, but given the amount of drug use in the MLB, perhaps a save in order. Besides, if you’ve used PED’s in the past, it’s difficult for people to see you as a victim. Perhaps he wasn’t involved in the Biogenesis scandal, but his record is not clean. 

I think a posture of humility goes a long way.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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