Since ESPN sent Hank Williams Jr. packing earlier this year after comparing President Obama to Hilter, I have to say I have enjoyed each weeks new and creative intro to the game. Last night’s intro was no different and I have to admit is my new favorite.

The last Monday night game of the season opened with “A White Christmas” featuring funny lady Betty White giving us her holiday fireside chat of what we could expect from the Saints and Falcons game. White told us that she wants to change Matt Ryan’s nickname of ‘Matty Ice’ to ‘Matty Stream’ because “he’s so hot”. The best part I believe has to be when she jumped out of her recliner and said, “You can’t stop the pain train! Woohoo!”.

Every time I see Betty White she doesn’t disappoint and last night was no exception.

If you missed the intro we got it for you. Enjoy!

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English