Aaron Hernandez case a wake-up call for NFL rookies (VIDEO)

All eyes are on Aaron Hernandez. The New England Patriots tight end was arrested today, released from the Patriots and officially charged with murder and other gun related charges. While people are shaking their heads at Hernandez, the new group of NFL rookies should be paying close attention. Hernandez, 23, is only a few years older than some of the rookies entering the league. While many are already counting their money and spending it, they need to be checking their circle of friends and acquaintances. Aaron Hernandez is yet another example of what happens when talent and seemingly lack of character collide. Hernandez's talent on the field cannot be argued, but it's his character that is called into question. All to often we equate good talent with good character and great skill with great integrity. I hope these rookies understand the importance of their social circles, and how the people you 'hang' with can get you hung out to dry. One bad decision can change the course of a life forever. It takes only a moment to go from a famed athlete, to a shamed 'could have been." These rookies-- these young men are really more like old boys, and some haven't had the character development needed to manage and handle the responsibility that comes with being a professional athlete. They need to learn the Rookie Commandments As they get ready to embark on an exciting season, they should be watching the Aaron Hernandez case, taking note of his decisions, his friends and how one day he had everything and how quickly it's being taken away. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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