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About face: The truth about wrinkles and younger looking skin

About face: The truth about wrinkles and younger looking skin

Jersey Girls, we don’t just want clear skin, we want younger looking skin. Our face is the grand intro to the world and we want to keep it as young looking as possible. The battle the beauty industry is waging against aging (and losing) is a billion-dollar business. Yet, we still try to fight it at every turn.

While we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can certainly look like it. Even these celebrities have revealed they regularly have botox, everyone wants to look youthful. Unless you were born with “super” genes, most of us have some wrinkles or our skin is not as tight as it used to be. Well if we can’t stop aging, what CAN we do? There’s hope! We talked to Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Manhattan and New Jersey to get to the truth about wrinkles and skin tightening. She provided information to help us get to get the facts on wrinkles, skin tightening and the latest products and procedures on the market:

Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dematologist

Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dermatologist

JGS: What are some common misconceptions about wrinkles?

Dr. Baxt: Misconceptions about wrinkles are that they are all fixable by a cream. Many wrinkles are from motion, and the only thing that can fix them is Botox treatment. Some are genetic and you might have them since the teenage years or early 20s. Early treatment can be preventive for some wrinkles-when they have recently appeared. Botox, if used properly, can erase them and prevent them from recurring if used often.

JGS: Women typically want three things in their face: keeping it tight, wrinkle free and clear:

a. What are the best procedures for keep skin “tight”?

Dr. Baxt: There are lots of skin tightening procedures out there, but I don’t think any of them work really well yet. They do have some benefit and if you have a lot of time and money, then Ulthera or Thermage may be of assistance to tighten the skin a bit.

b. What are the best procedures for keeping skin wrinkle free/reducing wrinkles?

Dr. Baxt: Avoid the sun, use sunblock spf 30 and reapply every two hours. Wear a hat and stay in the shade. Find a great Botox Core Provider, i.e. dermatologist or plastic surgeon etc, and get Botox treatments every 3-4 months or so. Use Retin-A or retinol products a few nights a week if you can tolerate them.

c. What are the newest/latest procedures?

Dr. Baxt: The NonSurgical Facelift is really just a term for lots of fillers to restore lost volume. Instead of just pulling excess skin, we fill the lost volume with Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, etc. Alternatively, we can use Sculptra to stimulate collagen production and restore volume. These are all injectables done in quick office visits without surgery. I am looking forward to Voluma which should be FDA approved later this year hopefully for volume restoration.

Because eyelashes are a part of the face, I had to ask about eyelash treatments. I’ve known about eyelash products such as Xlash for a while now, but I wanted to hear an expert opinion on the matter too.

JGS: For those women who want longer/thicker eyelashes, what options do they have?

Dr. Baxt: Latisse works great to grow eyelashes its FDA approved and available by prescription. It takes 3-4 months for full effect. Eyelash strips or extensions are fine also, its really patient preference.

Of all the advice Dr. Baxt gave, she made one thing clear which I consider beauty wisdom:

I believe that if you start taking care of yourself young, that many women will avoid plastic surgery altogether.

Amen Dr. Baxt! We have to be responsible for our health and take care of the one body–one face we have. While we can’t stop the aging process, there are options available to help us continue to look like the beautiful Jersey Girls we are!

Check out Dr. Rebecca Baxt at

Baxt Cosmedical

Baxt Cosmedical

You can also reach Dr. Baxt via social media:


Twitter: @baxtcosmedical

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If you live in the New Jersey and/or New York City area, check out her offices:

New Jersey Office
201-265-1300 x5
351 Evelyn Street/ Paramus, NJ 07652

New York Office

635 Madison Avenue 3rd Floor/ New York, NY 10022


Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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