Accused stalker of  Yankees GM Brian Cusham says Yankees fans in prison are abusing her. Louise Meanwell is in Riker’s Island on $300,000 bond for allegedly stalking and attempted extortion of Cushman. Apparently, imprisoned Yankees fans watch the news and they’re none-to-pleased with her:

“It’s horrible in here,” Brit Louise Meanwell griped to The Post in a phone call from Rikers Island yesterday. “They throw liquids on me and spit on me. They call me names. They call me a stalker. “I’m in hell–t’s just awful.”

So prisoners not only watch the news, they also read The Post, too. So sad, too bad for Ms. Meanwell. Isn’t her last name kind of ironic?

I digress..

She says she’s got some info on Mr. Cushman that’, amongst other things, will prove he was actually stalking her. She will testify to a grand jury on Tuesday, March 20th.

Clearly there was some hanky-panky going on because Cushman’s wife, Mary, filed for divorce the day after prosecutors charged Meanwell with stalking. There’s more to this story–but I think we already know the plot.

And it will thicken…

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis