Accused stalker of Yankees GM Brian Cushman says she’s being abused by Yankee fans in prison!

  Accused stalker of  Yankees GM Brian Cusham says Yankees fans in prison are abusing her. Louise Meanwell is in Riker’s Island on $300,000 bond for allegedly stalking and attempted extortion of Cushman. Apparently, imprisoned Yankees fans watch the news and they're none-to-pleased with her:

“It’s horrible in here,” Brit Louise Meanwell griped to The Post in a phone call from Rikers Island yesterday. “They throw liquids on me and spit on me. They call me names. They call me a stalker. “I’m in hell--t’s just awful.”

So prisoners not only watch the news, they also read The Post, too. So sad, too bad for Ms. Meanwell. Isn't her last name kind of ironic?

I digress..

She says she's got some info on Mr. Cushman that', amongst other things, will prove he was actually stalking her. She will testify to a grand jury on Tuesday, March 20th.

Clearly there was some hanky-panky going on because Cushman's wife, Mary, filed for divorce the day after prosecutors charged Meanwell with stalking. There's more to this story--but I think we already know the plot.

And it will thicken...

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