Adam Silver sets historic precedence banning Donald Sterling for life; Will the owners force the sale?

Today was historic and unprecedented. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver dropped a bomb banning L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fining him $2.5 million with those monies going to charities. The latter part of that, which everyone was waiting for, was that he was asking all the team owners to force the sale of the Clippers with the 75% vote in favor of the sale to make it happen. When asked, Silver said this process would start immediately and he fully expected to get the support he needed to force the sale. This is beyond unprecedented. This decision by Silver clearly sets a standard about the zero tolerance against institutionalized racism in the league. Silver got it right. The players former and current along with other NBA officials seemed to agree. Now what will the owners do? They will start immediately to force the sale of the team and I'm inclined to believe it will also happen swiftly. In addition, the companies who have decided not to do business with the Clippers will also be watched. The team owners who vote against the sale of the team will surely be called to the carpet. I think Silver will get 100% of the vote to force the sale of the team. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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