I remember Alex Karras as the loving father on the popular 1980s sitcom, “Webster”  and some of you may remember him as the big cowboy who famously punched out a horse in “Blazing Saddles.” More seasoned NFL fans remember Alex Karras as the force on the 1960s Detroit Lions defensive line. However you remember him, he was loved and we are saddened by his death.

According to SI.com:

“Karras had recently suffered kidney failure and been diagnosed with dementia. The Lions also said he had suffered from heart disease and, for the last two years, stomach cancer. He died at home in Los Angeles surrounded by family members, said Craig Mitnick, Karras’ attorney.”

In addition to football and acting Karras also worked as an NFL commentator.

Karras was one of the notable NFL players named in the lawsuit against the NFL over concussions. According to SI.com,  Karras in April joined the more than 3,500 football veterans suing the league for not protecting them better from head injuries, immediately becoming one of the best-known names in the legal fight. Mitnick said the family had not yet decided whether to donate Karras’ brain for study, as other families have done.

We will continue to prayer for him and his family.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis