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Allen Iverson blames his wife for foreclosure

Allen Iverson blames his wife for foreclosure

Former NBA star Allen Iverson is aggressively fighting the foreclosure of his Atlanta home. The home purchased in 2009 for $4.5M was schedule for foreclosure on December 4th,  for allegedly defaulting on the $1.2M loan, but Iverson filed a lawsuit against the lender to stop the proceedings.

According to TMZ, Iverson’s suit claims that he never consented to the loan. The suit further claims that his estranged wife, Tawanna, was the one who signed off on the mortgage in order to “screw him.” Iverson says Tawanna agreed to the loan knowing that he would be unable to meet the financial terms.


This is the latest in a bitter divorce that’s been as drama-filled as Iverson’s life. Earlier this year, she requested a list of all of A.I.’s sexual partners as a part of the divorce proceedings. In addition, rumors that A.I. has a secret stash of $35M still continue.

If that is true he’s gonna need it because it doesn’t look like the drama is ending anytime soon.

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~Angela Davis

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