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American woman Zoe Romano plans to run the Tour de France route (Video)

American woman Zoe Romano plans to run the Tour de France route (Video)

Long distance runner Zoe Romano is not a headliner in the sports world, but perhaps she should be. In her latest quest, she will tackle the Tour de France on foot. THAT’S RIGHT! She’ll be running the entire 2,000 mile route in 9 weeks. That’s 30 miles per day! WOW!


But this isn’t her first bit at a super long-distance run. In 2011 Romano became the first woman to run across the continental United States.

Running what equates to be MORE than a marathon per day is quite remarkable, but Romano is doing it for a good cause. She’s running for charity. She’s hoping to raise $125,000 for the World Pediatric Project, which provides pediatric-care resources to doctors and nurses in developing countries.  According to an article in ESPNW:

[Romano] will be running the entire Tour de France course several weeks ahead of the riders. Covering 2,000 miles in nine weeks, finishing in Paris a day before the peloton arrives, the 26-year old will be the first runner to accomplish this feat. Averaging 30 miles each day and navigating 100,000-plus feet in elevation change, she’ll log the 21 stages at an average 9-minute-mile pace.

This route is challenging for the bikers in the Tour, so running this course is mind boggling. In her Facebook post, she seems to welcome the challenge with a little humor:

6330 ft of vertical, 33 miles total, 20 of them up, and 90 degrees. Probably going to eat ibuprofen and popsicles for dinner.

The good news is she won’t be alone for this run. Her boyfriend, Alex Kreher, is a film maker and will document this run and ensure she gets the resources she needs like food, rest, water, etc. 

I’m looking forward to her run and I can’t wait to watch the video blogs of this Jersey Girl who’s running to impact and improve lives.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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