And….finally….Donald Sterling drops lawsuit against NBA and agrees to sale of Clippers

"The 'Donald Sterling era' is officially behind us. His attorney says that he will agree to the sale of the Clippers. This brings an end to what would have been much wasted money and time in court to end up with the same result. When NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that he would get the votes needed to force the sale of L.A. Clippers, people weren't sure. Then Donald Sterling and his wife Shelly went back and forth about whether they would agree to the sale. Shelly was the first to agree to the sale --a $2 billion sale to former Microsoft exec Steve Ballmer. Her act, which indemnified the league, left "the Donald" with virtually no option and basically forced his hand. Today his attorney said that he's decided to agree with the sale and move on. He kind of didn't have a choice, but he's leaving a billionaire. Which is a nice parting gift, considering. We can now put this saga to rest. We hope V. Stiviano goes away too. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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