Anonymous PGA golfer says there’s a player on Tour who “everyone knows” is a cheater

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam when we think of cheating in sports we're usually thinking more of the contact sports like football, basketball or baseball, but what about golf? Well, according to an anonymous player on the PGA Tour, there's a player who cheats and everybody on the Tour knows it.


There's exactly one guy who is known to mismark his ball by two or three inches," the author says. "Ask any player about cheating, and they'll all tell you the same name."

The author says they were recently paired with the player in question and witnessed the mismarking: "Using his hand to obscure the distance behind the ball, he picks up his coin so fast that you almost can't be certain of what you've just seen."

While the author didn't name any names, he listed several details that could tip off ardent observers to the identity of the golfer in question, including that he uses a long putter and wears loose shirts possibly to obscure another method of cheating: anchoring the putter to the body.

After the round with the player, the author said they refused to sign the player's scorecard because he anchored his putter, leading to a dispute in the scoring trailer.

The author went on to say that the player knows that other players are aware he cheats.

Huh!! Well, this is interesting. Who knew all these sneaky things were happening on the greens. Needless to say, we'll all be watching the PGA matches a little more.

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