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Another MLB drug scandal on the horizon; high profile players implicated

Another MLB drug scandal on the horizon; high profile players implicated

It seems there’s another doping scandal on the horizon and the biggest names in the MLB are in the center of it. According to the Miami New Times, a man in south Florida supplied performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s) , testosterone and other PED cocktails to players including Alex Rodriguez and Nelson Cruz.

Self-made biochemist Anthony Bosch, who ran in Latin American baseball circles, distributed large amounts of hormones (HGH),  testosterone and other cocktails of PEDs to players. Of course the players are denying this, but Bosch kept records.

The records detail clients’ use, and according to Yahoo! Sports:

“ in the cases of Rodriguez and Cabrera. Rodriguez, referred to as “Alex Rodriguez,” “Alex Rod” or “Cacique,” received HGH, testosterone cream and insulin-like growth factor, all banned under MLB’s PED policy. He also was given “troches,” a lozenge that has 15 percent testosterone, and other types of growth hormone, according to the report. Rodriguez’s account was paid through April 30th” of 2012, according to the records. Cruz, the slugging outfielder whom Bosch nicknamed “Mohamad,” gave Bosch $4,000 in July 2012, the records said, for a regimen that included “troches.”

While it’s been rumored that these players were “juicing” there was no evidence it seems, until now. Of course the MLB is investigating and suspect this PED ring could rival the BALCO scandal that ended the career of Barry Bonds. Players found guilty could face a 50 game ban like outfielder Melky Carbrera, pitcher Bartolo Colon and catcher Yasmani Grandal – who are currently under suspension with the league. Don’t forget that the MLB is taking a hard stance against players who ‘juice’ meaning these greats may not ever make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball is struggling. It’s struggling with a lackluster and depleting fan base as it sits in the shadows of the NFL, America’s true favorite pastime. It’s struggling with viewership, and perhaps the pressure to produce big names worth watching is the impetus for some of the players and teams to do better. Baseball is in desperate need of a comeback into the hearts and minds of Americans so they will again buy tickets and watch baseball on TV. Baseball needs to be rebranded to reach a younger generation and focus on key influencers—women.

In short, they need a grand slam.

What do you think?

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~Angela Davis

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