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Another Olympian kicked off their team for derogatory tweet–this time it’s the Swiss

Another Olympian kicked off their team for derogatory tweet–this time it’s the Swiss

If you ever wanted to know what world peace would look like, the Olympics is probably as close as we’ll ever get. That means any disruption to that peace will not be tolerated.  Switzerland soccer player  Michel Morganella was kicked off the team and sent home by team officals after he expressed his frustration over the team’s loss against South Korea with a discriminatory tweet.   

His tweets said that Koreans should “burn themselves” and described them as “retards” . He quickly apologized and  his account deleted, but it was too late. Team officials investigated and decided further action was necessary.

“He discriminated, insulted and violated the dignity of the South Korean football team and the South Korean people,” Swiss team chief Gian Gilli told reporters.

This makes the second time in a week that an Olympic player has been sent home for a ractially charged tweet. Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was left in Athens last week for her attempt at a joke about Africans in Greece.

Apparently nobody thought it was funny.

The Olympics are global games where countries come together to compete in the spirit of comradarie  and love of the game.

We don’t have time for this foolishness!

(It would behoove all the other athletes to stay away from social media during your rants)

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis



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