Is Anthony Hargrove scared of being called a snitch?

Well, it sort of looks that way. In a statement released through his agent, Hargrove expressed his disappointment that his private, sworn statement to the NFL about the bounty scandal was leaked.

”Call me naive, but I did not expect them to publicize the fact that I had sent them ‘the Declaration.’ But since they did, and because they grossly mischaracterized my words, it obviously became a hot item and subsequently was leaked by someone.”

Hargrove’s declaration acknowledges that he was told by the New Orleans Saints’ defensive coordinator and assistant head coach to “play dumb” when asked about a bounty program. However, his statement doesn’t say that Hargrove actually knew about such a program or participated in one. This is the source of contention between the NFL and the NFLPA.

The NFLPA says Hargrove’s statement doesn’t say that he lied about a bounty program or that he or any other Saints players participated in one.

The NFL disagrees. They contend that Hargrove’s statement is an admission that such a program not only existed, but that he also lied about it.

If Hargrove is telling the truth in that he didn’t know about a program and never participated in one, why was there a conversation with the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach? In fact, he wouldn’t have to “play dumb” because the TRUTH would be that he really didn’t know anything!

While I understand his anger that his statement was leaked, I think he’s feeling the heat from other players who maybe calling him a snitch. The NFL is a fraternity and players are expected to stick together–especially against the NFL.  With the dangerous nature of the game itself, Hargrove may be feeling a little unprotected. Besides, none of the NFL players knew the source of the NFL’s investigation — until the statement was leaked.

”The intent of ‘the Declaration’ was to let the NFL know exactly what happened in March of 2010,” said Hargrove’s latest statement, which he also sent to ESPN. ”I do not know who leaked it, but I would have preferred for it to remain private between the NFL and me.”

The irony is that this little technicality forces the NFLPA to support a player whose statement is the ammunition in this case in the first place.

What do you think?

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis