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(AP) Tom Brady fined $10K for kick against Ed Reed

(AP) Tom Brady fined $10K for kick against Ed Reed

According to the Associated Press Tom Brady will be fined $10K for his karate-style kick.  In Sunday’s match-up against the Ravens this one particular play has gotten quite a bit of talk: the slide and kick from New England Patriot’s Tom Brady against Ed Reed.

Brady is forced out of the pocket and as he slides he falls but throws his leg up kicking Reed in the thigh. Many fans were outraged that Brady wasn’t fined or penalized: Take a look:

Even the announcers didn’t see anything wrong with it. At least they don’t speak to it, except to say that Brady could have gotten hurt. Huh?!?

It seems post game pressure has led the NFL to look at the play and act accordingly, which is good. Tom Brady may be the NFL’s golden boy, but rules are rules.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James says he has no information on the fine, and Brady reportedly apologized to Reed in a text message.

Now if Brady could only get his coach to act like a true sportsman!

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