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Are Hines Ward and the Pittsburgh Steelers Getting a Divorce?

Like many know first and foremost football is a business for the guys that play the game, so as fans it hurts to hear that one of our favorites could be leaving the city. Unfortunately, according to NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora that could be happening to Pittsburg Steelers WR Hines Ward.

With new salary cap rules the Steelers have been moving money around to take care of all of its upcoming season’s needs. When rumblings of things like this happen usually that means that money is coming out of someone’s pocket to go into someone else’s.

In this case that someone could be Hines Ward.

We didn’t see much of Ward this past season due to play time spent on younger receivers such as Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

Ward posted on his Facebook page Saturday that he’s already told the Steelers he’s willing to work with them on altering his deal so he can remain with the team.

Who knows?

If Ward doesn’t get a chance to wear a Steelers uniform next season, will he still play? I hope so, but if he decides to retire the game and the people of Pittsburg will definitely miss him.

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Marcelle English

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