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Are You Ready For Some FANTASY Football?!?!?!

Are You Ready For Some FANTASY Football?!?!?!

Ladies and Gentlemen…are you ready for some football?!?!?

Just like every football fan, I’m always sideline coaching…put this player in, why did you run that route, take that dude out he’s horrible…you know you do it too.

So to get my added football fix I play fantasy football. To give you a little Jersey Girl Sports trivia, people always ask us where the name Jersey Girl came from, well it used to be my fantasy football name before we started the company back in 2009, since then I have not used the name.

This is year we want you to be a part of our fantasy football team, and yes the men are invited to.

Here’s the deal, we are looking for people who are dedicated and passionate about having FUN!  It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or your tenth time playing, we want you! And the winner will receive two (2) tickets to a 2013-14 NFL game.

Here’s how to sign up…

Log on to, put in the league ID: 1146466, and then the league Password: JGS12

Our live draft day is Tuesday, September 4th at 9pm EST.

So sign-up TODAY to play with Jersey Girl Sports!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English


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