Atlanta Falcons has the city “RISING UP” for Sunday’s game

RISE UP! That's the Atlanta Falcons battle cry. I don't know what the engergy is like in Boston, but in Atlanta it's hot like fire! The Atlanta Falcons are one game away from a trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and the city is prepped--PEPPED and ready for Sunday's big match against the San Francisco 49ers. On Friday, the city came together for a pep rally to show support to the team. Thousands of Falcons fans converged on the Fulton County Government Center wearing Falcons paraphenalia, waving flags and holding up signs that say, "RISE UP". the Grady Highschool band  performed and even elementary school students got in on the rally to support the hometown team.




The Atlanta Falcons have not been this close to the Super Bowl since 1999 and this time fans are hoping that they not only go to the Super Bowl, but that they return as champions. Despite all the rallying and support from fans, sports analysts and reports have the Falcons losing to 49ers, but fans say no.

"If they just concentrate and make the plays and do what it is we know they are capable of doing, we'll bring it on home," fan Hasell Brown said.

That is good strategy for both teams. Whoever wins, it won't come easy. The Falcons are know for starting strong only to weaken after the half. A scary notion which showed up in last week's game against the Seahawks.

The good news is that the Falcons are at home and with the city pulling behind them, they have nothing left to do but RISE UP and win.

No pressure, though. 🙂

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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