Atlanta Hawks’ CEO Steve Koonin steps up to pay for fans’ wedding

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport When you're at the game, you don't expect to find your soul mate, but this couple found each other, and now Atlanta Hawks' CEO, Steve Koonin has agreed to pay for their wedding!
from Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin is making good on his promise to pay for the wedding of a couple who met at the team’s Swipe Right Night” in 2015. Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong began dating thanks to the Tinder promotion. Not only have they fallen in love and attended many Hawks games together, but they’ve even added a little bird to their flock. When the couple returned to Swipe Right Night in 2016, Koonin made them an offer. “If they get married, the Hawks would be happy to host the wedding,” he said, adding, said he would foot the bill. “My treat,” he said.
How cool is this?? I think I might need to make the next 'Swipe Right' game and find my true love. What do you think?

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