Atlanta Hawks cheerleader carried out on stretcher after hitting her head during routine (VIDEO)

Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Kristen is having a bad day. She was  was taken off the court on a stretcher after slipping and hitting her head during a dance routine in Monday's night's Hawks - Mavericks game. According to the Atlanta Journal - Constitution:
Cheerleader Kristen, whose last name was not released, was taken by paramedics to Atlanta Medical Center. She was released Monday night following examination by physicians, according to the team.
Apparently Kristen is half of a set of identical twins who keeps a pair of lucky socks with her to every Hawks game. So she either didn't have them on Monday night, or they were actually working because she was released from the hospital Monday night.  Kristen's bio also says she's a pre-kindergarten teacher who likes Oatmeal Creme pies, which I'm sure she's enjoying today while she's in recovery.
Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Kristen and her twin sister
Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Kristen and her twin sister
Get well Kristen! Your Jersey Girlfriend,. ~Angela Davis

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