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Atlanta Hawks hire a new coach; Will this help increase fans?

Atlanta Hawks hire a new coach; Will this help increase fans?

After a careful search, the Atlanta Hawks have decided to hire San Antonio Spurs’ assistant coach Mike Budenholzer as the new head coach. We knew they would not renew the contract of former coach Larry Drew, and I think this is a good selection.

Budenholzer will be working with Hawks general manager  Danny Ferry. They seem share the same beliefs when it comes to basketball, and it comes as no surprise as the two worked together when Ferry  was an executive in San Antonio. Budenholzer is part of the new strategy to rebuild the team, and hopefully the fan base as well.

The Atlanta fans have been publicly ridiculed and scrutinized for their less-than-loyal support of the Hawks. It should be noted that most Atlantans are not natives. Most are transplants from other larger cities across the U.S. and they bring the loyalty to their favorite team(s) with them. Meaning, the Hawks won’t be the team they’re rooting for. It could be the Hawks’ opponent.

 As I said before, I think this is a good move by the Hawks. The Hawks need new eyes, new strategy and new leadership. Like the Indiana Pacers they could be a formidable team in the eastern conference like they once were. 

Perhaps this new coach can re-energize the fans.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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