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Atlanta high school football player dies after tackle (VIDEO)

Atlanta high school football player dies after tackle (VIDEO)

ATLANTA –  There’s no doubt that fans take for granted that fact that football is a dangerous sport. However, there are times when we are sadly reminded. Such is the case of high school football player De’Antre Turman, 16, of Creekside High School, who died after being tackled during a scrimmage game. 

 Turman was taken to Grady hospital after being injured during the game, and was pronounced dead overnight. The 5ft, 164lb. cornerback tackled a receiver and his coach Glen Ford said it was a good, clean hit:

“It was a fundamental tackle, Ford said. “(Turman’s) head was up. It was a clean tackle. It was a clean tackle. He went down. Only God knows. You know, only God knows what happened.

According to the Fulton County medical examiner the cause of death was from a fracture of the third cervical vertebrae. Turman will be missed. 

“He was an outstanding kid, you know, through adversity, through all the adversity that he’d been going through, losing his mom, you know, he was just a good kid,” Ford added.

Another coach, George Purvis, remembered Turman:

“Oh man. It’s hard. It’s hard. I mean, he’s a special kid,” he said.


“His goal was to play pro football. And he was one of the special ones that had a good chance to do it.”

The Georgia High School Association released a statement via their Facebook page.

“Any kind of death of an adolescent, it’s a tragedy,” said Dr. Ralph Swearngin, GHSA Executive Director. “You think about the loss to the family and a young life being cut off whether it’s an athletic event or car accident or natural causes. As a father and grandfather, it strikes you personally.”

How sad for Turman’s family who is now preparing to bury their son, instead of watching him play football.

Let’s keep this family in our prayers.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

*parts of this story contributed from Ron Nakfoor  at WXIA-TV Atlanta, a Gannett property.

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