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Auburn accused of NCAA violations, players deny reports

Auburn accused of NCAA violations, players deny reports

Well, we have another university in trouble. Selena Roberts, a former Sports Illustrated and NY Times reporter–and Auburn alum reports that Auburn committed a series of violations during the 2010 season.   

On her website, Roopstigo, Roberts claims that Auburn provided money and changed grades for players in 2012. According to USA Today Sports,

Interaction with former Auburn safety Mike McNeil, one of four former Tigers who were arrested for an armed robbery in 2011, and “more than a dozen players” from the BCS title team including Neiko Thorpe, Darvin Adams and Mike Blanc, Roberts reports players had grades changed, were provided with money and “more than 40” tested positive for drugs after the title game.

McNeil is set to appear in court today, and his attorney, Ben Hand has withdrawn from the case. According to the Auburn-Opelika news, he’s quoted as saying, 

“It’s a business and there are players on the payroll.”

The reports in Roberts’ article are already being denied by several of the players she quotes including  Mike Blanc and Daren Bates. The school, through a spokesman stated that they, “will not have a comment regarding the claims in the story.”

USA Today reports Roberts alleges:

 “dozens of players were being randomly drug tested internally” prior to the BCS title game and “more than 40” tested positive afterward. Antoine Carter is quoted as saying former coach Gene Chizik “didn’t like anyone who didn’t fit a certain image” and “if you were black and had dreadlocks and tattoos, you were somehow tested more in what was called random testing.”

Thorpe, who now plays cornerback  for the Kansas City Chiefs said,  

“Auburn does whatever Auburn wants.”


College sports, especially college football is BIG business for schools. Findings of abuse, impropriety and rule violations seems to be the rule, not the exception. With the amount of money poured into these schools each year, it comes as no surprise that schools will do anything to stay on top.

Jersey Girl Sports fam, what do you think? 

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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