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Get Your Baseball Game Up…Top Terms To Get You Through Baseball Season

by Marcelle English |@jerseygirlsport That’s right! The boys of summer are back! Baseball season is about a week away, and ladies, you have got to be ready! The days of just knowing that who’s hot, or that someone hit a home run, or who’s dating who are over. You need you to know a little bit more about what’s going on in the game, and if your guy is into baseball, these terms can definitely help you hit a “grand slam” in the relationship department. So get out your pen and pad and take notes because class is in...

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(PICS) Serena and baby Alexis Olympia take the cover of Vogue as she talks marriage and motherhood

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport|@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam Serena is giving us all kinds of mommy magic as she and her beautiful baby girl Alexis Olympia will grace the cover of Vogue. Some of the pics are already out, and while we love Serena, baby Alexis is just too darn cute! In the article Serena talks about her marriage, and thoughts of being a full-time mom–but she still wants to win more Grand Slams first. from To be honest, there’s something really attractive about the idea of moving to San Francisco and just being a mom,” she says. Reddit, the...

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NFL announces three-games to be played in London for 2018-19 season

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport[@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam if you thought the NFL was pulling back from games in London, think again! The NFL has announced that three games will be played in London during the 2018-19 season. The Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders will play October 14th the Philadelphia Eagles will play the Jacksonville Jaguars October 21st or 28th The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers will be the last teams to play I guess the NFL was happy with viewership and attendance this season and decided to increase games. We also know the NFL is trying to grow its audience in Europe. I’m not sure what the...

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(PICS) North Carolina A&T becomes the first HBCU to win a championship with a perfect season!

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam history was made and Aggie pride reigned supreme as North Carolina A&T defeated Grambling State University  21-14 to capture the title and bragging right as the best in HBCU football. It was no easy win but when it was all said and done, the Aggies showed themselves the better team. Their defense slowed down Grambling’s powerhouse quarterback Kincaid and forced them to pass the ball capitalizing on critical errors. The teams seemed evenly matched, but when it was all said and done, A&T was victorious. Here are some of the...

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(PICS) It was a ‘Celebration’ of the pageantry and life that is HBCU football

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport|@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam, the first of half of the Celebration Bowl found the Grambling State University Tigers and North Carolina A&T Aggies almost scoreless. The defense dominated on both sides of the ball, so the game didn’t have offensive excitement on the field, but it was all fun in the stands! If you’ve never been to an HBCU football game, I can tell you that what happens in the stands is as exciting as what happens on the field. Between the bands and the fans, it’s a good time! Here are some of the best...

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