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Celebration Bowl honors the legacy of black college football

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis When college football fans talk about college football, they usually speak of the big names with the big television reach. The reality is Black college football has a prestigious and celebrated legacy in college football worthy of respect. While it’s often placed separate from ‘mainstream’ college football, the truth is, were it not for this honored legacy, many of these ‘big schools’ would never be where they are. On December 17th, the Celebration Bowl will kick-off the college bowl season and bring together the best of the best in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) and...

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Gronkowski will use his ‘Patriots Privilege’ to appeal suspension

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sport fam ‘Patriotism’ is real in the NFL. It’s the pass given to a very accomplished team ripe with accusations and proof of cheating–but successful nonetheless. When it comes to the New England Patriots, it seems they can do no wrong-even when their players are overtly and intentionally wrong.  This weeks game was very evident of this ‘ism’ when infamous Patriots tight end and ‘bad boy’ Rob Gronkowski purposefully drove his 256lb frame and elbow into the back of the neck and head of  Tre’Davious White who was out of bounds....

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NFL fumbles on Ray Rice’s punishment; Sends horrible message to about 50% of their fan base–women

So, finally, the NFL has spoken and Ray Rice will be suspended for two games and fined $58,000 for the domestic altercation he had with his now wife, Janay Palmer, who he hit so hard she was knocked unconscious.  WHAT!!! HUH!!?? Yeah, so basically in the NFL if you smoke marijuana repeatedly you get at least a two-game suspension, or hitting an opposing player too hard you’re bound to get at least a one-game suspension. However, knocking a woman on her ass is only worthy of a two-game suspension!?! So, as it relates to domestic violence, the NFL isn’t...

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NBA Commissioner Will Give Isaiah Austin Job After Graduation

There wasn’t a dry eye in the building during this year’s NBA Draft when NBA Commissioner,  Adam Silver announced that the league was drafting Isaiah Austin. As you remember less than two weeks before the draft, the Baylor athlete was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart, Marfan Syndrome, this diagnosis made him ineligible to be drafted, but he has a good consolation prize. After a conversation with Adam Silver earlier this week, Austin learned that when he graduates from Baylor he will have a job waiting for him with the NBA. The only catch is that he MUST complete his...

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Tim Tebow’s is still preparing for his return to the NFL with intense conditioning (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow’s dream is not deferred. While he will be an analyst for college football this fall, his eyes are still on the NFL. Tebow is continuing his NFL-grade training and conditioning which includes a volleyball style workout with a 10-pound medicine ball! Watch: If Tim Tebow is nothing else, he’s consistent. You have to respect a man who won’t let his dream die, regardless of what people have to say. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela...

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