Ballerina Phenom Misty Copeland Gets Barbie Doll

She's a force to be reckoned with on stage, and now her positive influence can be shared with young girls around the world. Misty Copleland is now represented in Barbie's Sheroes collection and Copeland is proud of the doll.
I always dreamed of becoming an ABT ballerina and through Barbie I was able to play out those dreams early on,” said Copeland in a statement. “It’s an honor to be able to inspire the next generation of kids with my very own Barbie doll.”
Inspire is an understatement. Copland became the first African-American  principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and since then she's been the face of hope, self-love, positive change and encouragement for young girls and women of color. This doll not only represents Copland's influence symbolically, but physically as well. Barbie dolls have come under fire in recent years because of the doll's physical traits which, in the past, didn't represent the variety and real-life physical characteristics of all women. This doll is true to Copeland.
I was hands-on with making sure that she really looked like a dancer and looked like me,” Copeland said on Good Morning America. “She has muscles, and calves, and thighs and a bust. That was important to me.”
How awesome is this! I am not a big fan or collector of Barbie dolls, but thiSheroes collection which includes Hollywood director Ava Duvernay and actress and feminist Zendaya.
Misty Copeland Barbie
Misty Copeland Barbie
The Copeland Barbie’s outfit is inspired by the real-life dancer’s costume in “Firebird,” the first ABT performance in which Copeland danced as a principal. She will reprise the roll later this month in New York; in the meantime, the doll is available for pre-order on Mattel’s website and retails for $29.95.
I'm SUPER excited about this doll and I think it I may go ahead and get one! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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