Well it just makes sense. After years of doubtful criticism and less than positive analysis, Joe Flacco has finally established himself as a formidable quarterback. He has, after all, lead his team to the Super Bowl — the SUPER BOWL! Now, it’s time to pay the man.

At least that’s what he thinks; but is he worth it?

Well, let’s look at the numbers. Flacco has gone 54-26 as a starting QB and has lbeen the driving force┬áleading the┬áRavens to 12 playoff games, including this year’s Super Bowl. He may be the NFL’s best kept secret and with numbers like that, and this year’s Super Bowl its safe to say that the Ravens can’t afford to let him go!

Sure Flacco may not be as agile as an RGIII or as accurate as Peyton Manning, but he’s in the Super Bowl this year. They are not. So for what it’s worth, he’s not asking for too much.

He’s quieted the doubters. Now open the check book.

What do you think? Is Flacco worth it?

Your Jersey Girlfirend,

~Angela Davis