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Baseball Stadium Proposal…Not As Expensive As You Think

Baseball Stadium Proposal…Not As Expensive As You Think

If you’re one of those girls who love baseball and think that your boyfriend is on the road to a proposal, a baseball stadium proposal could be in your future…and it’s not as expensive as you would think. Come on now…Kim and Kayne did it (probably a bad example)!

Thanks to Swimmingly, they have been gracious enough to chart out what it would cost to propose at some of the top 30 baseball stadiums around the country.


Now each stadium is different in terms of the particular packages that they offer. For example, for a lower rate some give you time on the big screen as you propose at you seat, while other packages allow you time on the field at the home plate diamond in front of the entire stadium.

So let’s take the New York Yankees, to propose on the big screen would only cost you $100.

On the other hand, the Detroit Tigers offer their own unique package. For $50 the team mascot, Paws, comes to the couples’ seats and engages them in a trivia game that ends (hopefully) in an actual engagement. The purchase also includes a decorated baseball compliments of the stadium.

Now if you are a Dodgers fan for $2,500, which is one of the expensive packages, you can be filmed proposing at the stadium, which only broadcast one per month.

Unfortunately, there are five teams that don’t offer this. So if you are a Blue Jays, Angels, Royals, Orioles, or Mets fan you might want to figure out another way to incorporate baseball into your special moment.

Being the girl who loves sports and anything that has to do with weddings, this is the perfect combo. I just hope your ring is the size of a baseball.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

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