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Basketball Wives cast member Kenya Bell being sued by her ex-husband


Basketball Wives cast member Kendra Bell is being sued by her ex-husband for spousal support. Apparently Charlie Bell, who was dropped by the Golden State Warriors has about one million dollars in savings. He is now complaining about his $100,00 per year salary playing for the Italian Basketball League. TMZ reports that Kenya makes three times that amount on “Basketball Wives” in addition to sales from her recently released single Fly.

In response Kenya Bell has denied that she earns $300,000 on the VH1 show and shot back that she is entitled to a piece of Charlie’s reported million dollar savings.

I’m confused. I don’t really watch the show, but when was the single released? Is it getting air play? Who’s buying it? Charlie would be better off holding on to his million dollars in savings and his current salary and move on with his life. Right now it seems the only people who are getting any money are the lawyers.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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