One could only hope that their hiatus after season 3 would find these women with at least a touch of class.

Not so.

Season 4 of Basketball Wives returns with more drama. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Evelyn and Jennifer are no longer friends. In fact they’re mortal enemies! Royce is STILL on the show and Susie is still keeping up drama. Tammy is just…..Tammy. No hope for her. Expect nothing.  We get two new women added to the cast, Kenya and another Keisha but it doesn’t matter. It’s still ghetto, ghetto drama. A hot mess of women who still have nothing going on in their lives but a bunch of ‘he-say-she-say’ mess with a whole’lot of cussin, fussin and fighting.

Oh yeah, and Shaunie in the middle “mediating”. Just watch:

If you can stomach it, season 4 premiers Monday, February 20th on VH-1.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis