Baylor fires another staff member for inappropriate behavior

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam what in all of hades is going on at Baylor? Their latest scandal involves recently-hired DeMarkco Butler, the program’s associate director for football operations. Butler was removed from his position for sending “inappropriate text messages” to a teenager. Say what now?? Yep. According to KWTX  the messages were  sent to a teen who is considered an adult under Texas law. However, for Butler, who was brought on board by Bears’ first-year head coach Matt Rhule less than a month ago, this law means nothing.
from KWTX
While Butler was let go because of inappropriate texts to a teenager, a school official indicated they were sent to an individual who was an adult under Texas statute.
When asked about the firing Monday, David Kaye, Baylor’s Director of Athletics Communications said in a statement, “DeMarkco Butler is no longer employed by Baylor University. As a personnel matter, we have no further comment.”
What Baylor doesn't need is yet another sex scandal. In February assistant strength coach Brandon Washington was fired after being arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute in Waco. Of course we can't forget the huge sex scandal involving the football team that resulted in the firing of head coach Art Briles, resignation of athletic director Ian McCaw and the removal of president Ken Starr. With the fallout of that scandal still fresh, any sort of sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. While this seems be isolated at Baylor, I think the sad truth is that this is reality on many college campuses. What do you think?

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