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Benching RG3 Might Be The Best Thing For Everyone

Benching RG3 Might Be The Best Thing For Everyone

Could the Washington Redskins head coach, Mike Shanahan really be on to something by suggesting to bench RG3? I would have to say so. Everyone knows that I am a HUGE Redskins fan, but after last season and the high hopes for this year, every fan has been let down. The season has been marred with injury, inconsistent play calling, and dare it say it, poor coaching. As I write this, Mike Shanahan is still the coach of the Washington Redskins and the decision to bench a “very healthy” RG3 could be the best plan for the reason of the season.

This past Sunday was the first time that the coach expressed any type of possibility that he may not be back next season, saying that he will be talking with Redskins owner, Dan Synder to make the best decision for the team. That best decision could also include the firing of Shanahan’s son, Kyle.

When Shanahan was asked by Synder about his relationship with Griffin, he responded

 ... I said I was his coach, his head football coach, and not necessarily his best friend, don’t need to be his best friend. I want to make him the best quarterback possible.

When Griffin was asked if he had any doubts of whether he will start this week against the 3-10 Atlanta Falcons, Griffin replied:

No, that’s not an issue.”

At this juncture of 3-10, the Redskins including Griffin need to think about being healthy going into the post season. When your team is not in the hunt for a playoff spot or already secured in the post season, you need to start looking toward the future and as Synder has said on many occasions ‘Robert Griffin is the quarterback of the future’.

We’re talking about his health,” Shanahan said. “I want to make sure he’s healthy. I think that’s the most important thing going into the offseason, that he has his first full offseason being healthy. And if he did play, and something happened to him, I think it would set our franchise back.”

While Shanahan may believe that benching RG3 could save his job, it looks like Shanahan is the odd man out between himself, the owner and the quarterback.

You always want to come back. I love these guys,” Shanahan said. “What’ll happen at the end of the season, we’ll get a chance, Dan and I, to sit down and decide — he’ll make the final decision on what’s the best interest of the Washington Redskins. I’ll give my opinion and what I think, and obviously he’ll make the final decision.”

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