Bengals cheerleader sues team; Says she only made $2.85/hour

Alexa Brenneman was a cheerleader with the Ben-gals for the Cincinnati Bengals. She's now suing the team because she said she wasn't paid fairly. According to a lawsuit obtained by KTLA, Brenneman is suing the team over her wages. She claims she made less than the $7.85/hour rate required by Ohio law. According to the lawsuit:
Brenneman says that she worked over 300 hours for the Bengals during the 2013 season and was paid only $855.
Those numbers come to $2.85 per hour. Uhhh., yeah. That's no good. According to the Ben-gals are making even less than the Raiders cheerleaders:
The Ben-Gals are making even less than the Raiderettes. The lawsuit filed by the Raiders cheerleaders in January alleges that the Raiderettes were making a little less than $5 per hour for their time in Oakland.
The Bengals did respond:
"The Ben-Gals cheerleading program has long been a program run by former cheerleaders and has enjoyed broad support in the community and by members of the squad. [This] lawsuit appears to be a copycat lawsuit that mimics the one filed last month in California against a different NFL club. The Bengals will address the litigation in due course."
Brenneman claims the Ben-gals are only paid $90/game if they are selected to cheer at home games and if they are not selected, they are only paid $45 to sit with fans in the luxury suites. Apparently they aren't paid for other appearances or modeling for the team calendar. This is such a hot topic right now in that the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are also suing the team for making less than minimum wage.  I can actually understand their frustration. All that shaking and smiling for 16 weeks is worth at least minimum wage! C'mon now! What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis    

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