Best Valentine’s Day gifts for the sports fan you love

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport/@ladyadavis

Valentine's Day is the day we celebrate, honor and show love to those we care for the most. Whether it's a bouquet of flowers or candy, Valentine's Day has long been the day for lovers, but can we change up the gifts?!

While I have no problem with candy and flowers, I think you should show love with gifts that express not only that you love your signifiant other, but that you also "get" them. You understand who they are and love the things that make them unique. If the one you love is a sports fan, add some flair or fun to your standard gift. We've got the best gifts to give the sports fan you love: 1. Tickets to a game: What better way to say I love you  than with a pair of tickets for your lover to see his/her favorite team and/or athlete? Make these tickets count so be sure you get floor/box or special seating. THIS is how you say, I love you. TRUST me, he/she will really appreciate this gift and you'll be giving them a night they won't forget.


2.  Autographed memorabilia: One-of-a-kind authentic autorgraphed sports memorabilia is just the kind of gift that keeps on giving. They'll always have it. They'll always talk about it, and when asked how they came upon such a wonder, they'll smile and say your name.

  3. Girls/Guy night out: For those lovers who have children, gift your mate a "free pass" to enjoy a night out with his/her friends. Pair this gift with item #1 for a perfect gift sure to please.

  4.  Authentic sports jersey: Not just any sports jersey will do. Get the real, authentic, (hopefully autograped), limited-addition jersey that he/she will be proud to wear anytime! This is love.

  5. Jewelry:  Nothing says "I love you" like a nice piece of jewelry. Have it engraved with an inspirational quote from his/her favorite athlete or present it before taking him/her to a game. Either way this is always a good fit. After all, diamonds are still a girl's best friend.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day, the right kind and best kind of gift is the one that not only celebrates the love you have, but also the one you love.  

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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