I was really hoping his story with the Falcons did not end like this. Unfortunately, Brian Banks did make the cut and the Atlanta Falcons waived him on Friday. 

Banks, 28, lost 10 years of his football prime time to a wrongful rape conviction. He was exonerated last year after a private investigator secretly taped his accuser, former classmate Wanetta Gibson, recanting her accusation and acknowledging that she lied. His story became an instant sensation and anybody who heard his story was pulling for him to live his dream: play in the NFL.

Brian Banks playing in preseason game

Brian Banks playing in preseason game

It looks like that dream has been deferred once again, but he still has a chance. My hope is that a team picks him up and he continues on to do what he has worked so hard to do. Perhaps there’s another way to look at it. Perhaps his purpose and plan is bigger than the football field.

My heart goes out to Brian Banks. I can imagine that getting cut from the Atlanta Falcons was a blow for him. However, I think Banks has been through much worse and he came out victorious. 

I don’t think he’s done yet.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis