The days of cheerleaders wearing pleated skirts, sleeveless tops, white ankle socks and pom-poms seem to be over, at least for the Brooklyn Nets dancers.

With the NBA season right around the corner, the newest NBA team the Brooklyn Nets (well not really new, they used to be the New Jersey Nets…moving on) have released the new and ‘improved’ uniforms the team’s dance squad the Brooklyn Nets’ Brooklynettes.

The uniforms were designed by famed costume designer David Dalrymple who has worked with Jay’s better-half Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, as well as designer Patricia Field, and all seem to be getting the thumbs up from the team’s owner, Jay-Z.

Here’s the skinny on the new look…the edgy seven-costume collection includes black and “stretch leatherette” material with boots, studded fingerless gloves, zippers and latex. Also included in the collection is a jumpsuit, a cropped warm-up jacket, a neoprene scuba (scuba???…ok) blazer and several pairs of sequin leggings.

“The uniforms are feminine and strong,” Dalrymple explained. “This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn,” he said. “It’s a different sensibility. We go hard.”

I don’t know about this one, part of me is saying this is sexy, another part says cover your behind up, where is our mother. As we all know, sex sells and that is no different in the world of sports. I just hope these ladies are getting in the gym.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English