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Brooklyn Nets Send Coach, Jason Kidd Packing to Milwaukee

Brooklyn Nets Send Coach, Jason Kidd Packing to Milwaukee

If you didn’t know that a coach could be traded…well now you know.

In a deal between the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks, Nets head coach Jason Kidd has been involved in a trade that will make him the new Bucks’ head coach. The Nets will receive two second-round draft picks in the deal, the first coming in 2015 and the second coming in 2019.

Even though one year removed from being an actual player, Kidd was very unhappy with his situation in Brooklyn. Kidd requested a promotion that would have placed him above the General Manager, but that request was denied. Then to pour more salt in the wound, Kidd saw new coaches receive huge deals like Derek Fisher who received $25 million for five years to coach the Knicks, while Kidd received $10.5 million for four-years.

Kidd will get a new lease on his coaching life in Milwaukee, however it will just be interesting to see if he puts together the play-off calibre team in Milwaukee that he had in Brooklyn.

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