Cam Newton did not have a good season last year. The quarterback for the Carolina Panthers couldn’t seem to handle the loss and acted more like a spoiled child than a leader. Since then, however, it seems time has matured him and in an interview with USA Today Sports he talked about being able to take things differently:

“Things that affected you when you were younger really don’t affect you the same way the next time they come around,” Newton told USA TODAY Sports.  “The next time, it’s smoother. It’s like, ‘I can’t go through this the same way I did it before,’ or it’s really going to be a battle with myself.”

The battle will be learning how to lose. His stunts of pulling the towel over his head for the duration of the game after getting benched or the “attitude” at the post-game press conference was not a good look for the Heisman Trophy winner and number one draft pick. Fans expect better, and they should. Newton must expect better of himself.

He now understands the full measure of his leadership “Whether you want to be or not,” he says. That’s a good thing. The crying game is over. This is football. 

I hope he’s ready. 

Are you?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis