(VIDEO) Can’t We Just All Get Along? Female Boston Red Sox Fan Gets Kicked In The Face By Yankees Fan

The bitter feud between the Boston Red Sox fans and New York Yankees Fans is more like the infamous “Hatfields vs McCoys”--- and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The woman, probably a little intoxicated gets into a verbal sparring match with some Yankees fans at the Yankees-Tigers game. As the emotions get amped up, she just can’t help herself from confronting a particular Yankee’s fan and then things go from bad to worse. She takes a swing at the woman, misses and when her friend tries to help her she gets beer poured on her, her Red Sox hat tossed and she gets kicked in the face and goes hurling back two rows of seats! Luckily the railing broke her fall. The good news is that she wasn’t badly injured and was probably too drunk to feel any pain in her back that took the brunt of the fall. Can’t we just all get along? SMH.... Your JGF, ~Angela Davis *parts of this story contributed from Off The Bench

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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