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Can’t Call Dirk, Mavs Soft

by Carla Parker, Jersey Girl Sports Contributor

The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions.

Who actually saw this coming?? (I kind of did) But I digress. The Mavs defeated the highly favorite self-proclaimed “Heatles” in game 6 of the NBA Finals 105-95, winning the series 4-2.

While most people will talk about how LeBron James and the “Big 3” failed to win the first of their “eight rings” this year, I want to focus more on how Dallas earned their ring.

This is a huge victory for the Mavs organization and for the city of Dallas. When mostly everyone had written them off – predicting they would lose in the first round against Portland – the Mavs put the criticism behind them and played like champions.

For years sports critics called the Mavs soft, especially Dirk Nowitzki, and questioned their mental toughness after their many playoff melt downs, including the 2006 Finals against the Miami Heat.

But like I said in a previous blog, these aren’t the same ol Mavs.

These Mavs played like champions through out these playoffs. They played with heart.

A team with one superstar (Dirk), roll players (Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, and Jose Juan Barea), and cast aways (Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and DeShawn Stevenson), outshined and outplayed the team with three superstars.

The Heat may have a lot of talent, but the Mavs have a lot of heart. And that’s the difference between these two teams.

Dirk, who was battling a fever through most of this series, played with his heart on his sleeve and displayed the leadership needed to lead this team to the promise land. He was Mr. Clutch in this series.

Even when LeBron and Dwayne Wade mocked his sickness, (which was very immature, childish and unprofessional), he punched them in the month with his play on the court while they stood around looking lost.

And we can’t forget Jason “The Jet” Terry; the man who foresaw this victory when he tattooed the Larry O’Brien trophy on his right bicep.

The man stepped up big time after Dirk called him out for not playing his best in games 1 and 2. And on a night when Dirk wasn’t at his best, Terry took over and led the Mavs in game 6, scoring 27 points. And he was even more impressive when he outplayed LeBron after saying LeBron couldn’t guard him.

Which he couldn’t. Terry’s 3-pointer over Bron Bron in the final minute of Game 5 was EPIC!!

And the “old man,” 38-year-old Jason Kidd, knocked down shots when the Mavs needed points. After 17 seasons, the Kidd finally got his ring.

This NBA Finals is not about what the Heat didn’t do. It’s about what the Mavericks did. The Mavs wanted this championship more than the Heat. They were the hungrier team.

The Heat relied too much on their talent while the Mavs played with the heart of a champion.

This was definitely a TEAM win.

As Chandler said after the game, a team that had no champions on it is now “a team full of champions.”

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