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Cellulite and Fat: The truth and the treatments

Cellulite and Fat: The truth and the treatments

There is probably nothing that poses as a more formidable opponent for women’s bodies than cellulite. It does not discriminate. Whether you’re a size 4 or 24 you can be hit with this unsightly bodily fat. Attacking cellulite is a billion dollar industry, but do any of the creams, gels and treatments really work? Can you ever really get rid of cellulite?

Once again we reached out Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Manhattan and New Jersey to get to the truth about how to deal with “cottage cheese” :

Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dematologist

Dr. Rebecca Baxt, board certified dermatologist

JGS: What is cellulite?

Dr. Baxt:  Cellulite is the name for bumpy skin on the thighs and buttocks, typically in women.  It is caused by fat pockets separated by fibrous bands which makes the skin look bumpy.  It is clearly undesirable in our society, but one could imagine a universe where bumpy skin is sought after.  Alas, in the United States, cellulite is the bane of many women’s lives.  No one likes cellulite.  Also sadly, it is not possible to rid the body of cellulite. 

JGS: Can a person get rid of cellulite with diet and exercise?

Dr. Baxt:   Not really.  Losing weight and exercising to maximize muscle strength may help cellulite reduce in appearance, but it won’t completely get rid of it. 

JGS:  What are the non-surgical procedures to get rid of cellulite? 

Dr. Baxt:  Endermologie is a heavy massage with rollers that can improve cellulite temporarily in some patients.  Creams don’t work.  Lasers, light, radio frequency and ultrasound procedures don’t work very well [either]. 

JGS:  What are the most common surgical procedures to get rid of cellulite? What are the latest procedures?

Dr. Baxt:  Liposuction doesn’t work.  Cellulaze is the latest craze which is Liposuction with laser treatment at the same time.  It is somewhat effective, but isn’t a cure-all. 

So, the reality is, if you have cellulite there are only a few things you can do to fight it. It seems the best route to take is the non-surgical one with diet, exercise and deep tissue massages, which only reduces the appearance of cellulite. For most of us, not seeing it is just as good as getting rid of it. 

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