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Chad Johnson: “Ochocinco” owes some dinero

Chad Johnson: “Ochocinco” owes some dinero

Just when we hoped we had heard the last of him… Chad Johnson is back in court and back in the news again.

The mother of one of Johnson’s sons (he has 5 chidren) is taking him to court for failure to pay child support.

Andrea Pearson is stating that Johnson is habitually late in making  payments and owes $5250 in back child support. She is demanding the former NFL star be thrown in jail for failure to pay.

Sources close to Johnson told TMZ that he has always provided for his son and even bought Pearson a house.

2012 has been a drama filled year for the troubled Johnson and this latest saga is a sad cliche of a deadbeat dad.

Johnson’s now ex-wife Evelyn Lozada found condoms in Johnson’s car sparking the now infamous fight and head-butting incident that led to the demise of their marriage. Johnson denied that the condoms were his….whether they were his or not- let’s hope he is using them now.

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