Charles Barkley Calls Weight Watchers A Scam; Forgets Mic Is On

Charles Barkley NEVER ceases to amaze and astound us. His on-air commentary is crazy and funny and usually direct and to-the-point. BUT his off-camera remarks are downright astonishing! Open mouth: insert foot. During a commercial break during the January 5th Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat game, Charles Barkley made some "interesting" remarks about Weight Watchers (who's paying him handsomely, I might add). Watch the video: Wow! Did he really say that? Yes he did! It's almost hard to watch and I wonder if the Weight Watchers ads will be pulled as a result of those comments. He's really saying that him getting paid for losing weight is an easy job, just like being a sports analyst. Unfortunately "scam" is the word he used. Unfortunately, perception is reality and when you're a national spokesperson, you have to choose your words carefully because perception is reality. Add to that the comments about the Hawks and it's just---just---Charles. In the meantime, I'd give this piece of advice to 'Sir Charles' that I learned a long time ago: THE MIC IS ALWAYS ON! Your JGF, ~Angela Davis Special thanks to Black Sports Online for the video

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