Charles Barkley challenges LaVar Ball to a one-on-one, “No guy who averaged two points a game can beat me…”

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport When LaVar Ball started mouthing off about his greatness, even to the point of calling out legend and NBA icon Michael Jordan, we knew more notable players would speak up. So, it comes as no surprise that NBA analyst Charles Barkley would speak on Ball. In fact, he's challenged Ball to a one-on-one.
from Once I found out he averaged two points a game [in college]. ... Listen, you need to slow your roll," Barkley said of Ball as the two have gone back and forth in their verbal war of words. "He says I didn't win a championship. I said to myself, 'I need to go back and Google this guy, because maybe I missed the Ball era, when he was dominating and winning championships everywhere else.' Listen, I'm too old and fat to play basketball, but I'll challenge Mr. Ball to a one-on-one. How about that? "I don't even know how old he is — he's got to be around my age — but no guy who averaged two points a game can beat me at one-on-one. I'm positive of that."
Of course Ball responded, saying his stats mean nothing.
He wants to play one-and-one and all this, and he says I averaged two points, 'Who cares?'" Ball said. "... I know he don't want to play one-on-one because he's too big. He better stay behind that TNT thing ... and eat them doughnuts
I would pay money to watch this matchup! The battle of the egos would be interesting entertainment. Until recently I didn't know who LaVar Ball was, and while I am tired of his verbal diarrhea, his claims of greatness including saying his sons need a $1 billion shoe deal, has been a nice distraction in these trying times. What do you think? Would you watch a game between Barkley and Ball?

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