Charlotte Bobcats Flashback to Rename the Team, Hornets

If you grew up in the 90's who could forget the sassy, turquoise and purple bumble bee with sunglasses, or even the larger-than-life player Larry Johnson, both were synonymous with the NBA's Charlotte Hornets After 10 years, the team formally announced the name-change from the Charlotte Bobcats to the Charlotte Hornets at its downtown arena a year after team owner, Michael Jordan expressed that he wanted to change the name back.   Jordan didn't attend the press conference, but issued a statement saying it's a "historic day for our franchise, our city and our fans." Just to give you a little back back-story of how we even got here, the Hornets were in Charlotte from 1988-2002 before George Shinn moved the team to New Orleans. Then New Orleans owner Tom Benson renamed the team from the Hornets to the Pelicans, and thus the name became available.  Now if we could only get the Pelicans to change there name to something.  Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English   

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